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Case 2 : Introduction


A 55 year old man was booked for an elective resection of an oropharyngeal tumor.

His past medical history was significant for a long history of coronary artery disease. Twelve months previously he underwent angiography and was found to have 2 vessel disease. At that time the cardiologist elected to insert drug eluting stents in the proximal LAD and the circumflex arteries. Following stent insertion, the patient was given Plavix for 6 months, which has now been discontinued for the past 6 months. He presently takes 81mg ASA once daily.

On further questioning, he presently denies any chest pain. He has a reasonable exercise tolerance in that he continues to play 18 holes of golf. He states that he walks the course and carries his own clubs. In addition, he routinely does all of his own gardening.

His present medications include metoprolol 100mg Bid, Atorvastatin 40mg and ASA 325 mg once daily. He tells you that his surgeon has told him to stop his ASA 14 days prior to surgery.


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