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Case 3 : Introduction


A 60 year old woman was admitted to hospital for an elective radical hysterectomy and BSO for uterine carcinoma. She initially presented to her physician with complaints of postmenopausal bleeding.

Her past medical history was significant for hypertension for which she was taking hydrochlorthiazide 50mg and Candesartan 32 mg.

The remainder of her functional inquiry was unremarkable except for recent anemia, likely secondary to her vaginal bleeding. She is not a particularly active woman and states that she does develop some shortness of breath when climbing a flight of stairs. She has had no previous surgery and is not allergic to any medications.

On examination she is noted to be moderately obese. Blood pressure in both arms is 230/105. There were no other significant findings on physical examination.

Laboratory Results:
Hgb: 101mg/dl
Electrolytes: normal
EKG: sinus rate 99 nonspecific ST and T wave changes


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