CME Module 9: Peri-Operative Cardiac Risk Reduction


Attention: re Mainport Credits

All modules are now accredited under SECTION 3. After completing the module log onto the RCPSC Mainport site (website link) and choose from the drop down menus:

Section 3: Self-assessment program

Domain: Anesthesiology

SAP Name: Anesthesia Online.

  Please Note: You are required to complete the examination and evaluation for this module before logging into the RCPSC Mainport site.

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IMPORTANT:  The Examination will open in a new browser window. This allows you to easily review the Module Content, if necessary, to answer questions correctly.

  • To go back and review Module Content, minimize the Examination window.
  • To return to the Examination, maximize the Examination window again (usually by clicking "Examination" button in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen).
  • If you are having trouble opening the Examination, ensure you do not have pop-ups blocked.
  • Do not close the Examination window until all your answers are submitted. Otherwise your answers will be lost.