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LMA CTrach™

The LMA CTrach™ [23-26] can be conceptualized as an LMA Fastrach™ with electronics to allow visualization of the glottic aperature. As with the LMA Fastrach™ the device is designed to help increase intubation success in patients with known or unanticipated difficult airways, and as with the LMA Fastrach™ it allows patient ventilation during intubation attempts. However, in addition, the LMA CTrach™ has a built-in optical system that provides a view of the larynx and allows real time visualization of the ETT passing through the vocal cords. Sizes 3, 4 and 5 masks are provided with the system, which is highly portable and operates on a rechargeable battery (Figure 8).

In a study of 100 adult patients by Liu et al [23] the authors were able to insert the LMA CTrach™ in and to ventilate all 100 patients. They were able to view the larynx in only 84 of the patients, although they were successful in intubation, either under vision or blind, in 96 patients. They concluded that the system "has potential advantages over the LMA Fastrach™ system, including the ability to align the LMA outlet with the larynx and a high first intubation attempt success rate” but cautioned that “it was difficult to view the larynx with the LMA CTrach™ compared with direct laryngoscopy, and expectations must be moderated.”  

Such cautions not withstanding, ongoing clinical experience and reports by authors such as Goldman and Rosenblatt [24], Dhonneur et al. [25] and Liu and Goy [26] suggest that the LMA CTrach™ offers enormous potential to those who choose to use it enough to master its use.

Figure 8. LMA CTrach

Figure 8. The LMA CTrach™, a modified LMA Fastrach™ specifically designed to allow glottic visualization while also maintaining ventilation. Image Credit: LMA North America.


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